Is window transparancy the new blinking text?

Installed FreeBSD with KDE 4 into a KVM guest and was overwhelmed by the migraine-inducing combination of gumdrop graphics and transparent windows. There really should be a law against that sort of thing. Maybe a fine of $100 for every transparency or primary color used. To me it’s the desktop equivalent of blinking text and cheesy Flash animation (banning Flash is the only thing I ever agreed on with Steve Jobs). Going to cut this post short now and go take a couple of Ibuprofen.

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Restoring menu icons in the Gnome Shell

Sometime right before I upgraded to Fedora 21 all my menu icons disappeared. This was most noticeable in Firefox, where the bookmark folder icons were replaced by sterile white space. A solution follows.

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Atom text editor from Github

Atom is a configurable programmer’s text editor from the internal development team at GitHub. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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syncthing for windows, linux and bsd

Recently lost another hard disk on one of the Windows machines and decided it was time to implement a automated backup solution. What I settled on was a combination of Syncthing and AWS S3, brokered through the house FreeBSD file server.

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