Setting some options for gvim

Around 4 years ago I wrote a post that gave my .vimrc settings. This new post is a bit of an addendum for those who use gvim, the graphical version of our favorite text editor.

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Write code faster with vim

Ben Orenstein gave this talk back in 2012 at Railsberry in Europe, “Write code faster: expert-level VIM”.

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Login fun after Fedora 20 upgrade

The new Fedora upgrade process by and large worked very well for me. The one exception was logins to Gnome. Read on.

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notes on gpg4win

Just today a colleague and I exchanged public gpg keys and I realized that although things were up-to-date on my Linux machines, my Windows laptop was in dire need of a Gpg4win reinstall.

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CentOS 7 Minimal Install

Just installed a couple of CentOS 7 virtual machines for testing. Used the Minimal install image, and probably saved myself lots of aggravation in the process.

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