Do not try this at home. Or work.

Some time ago a colleague asked me for help getting python 3 on an old RHEL 5 box. That box now runs RHEL 6. If you’re curious as to why, read on.

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Net::LDAPS Fail after POODLE fix

After re-configuring my LDAP servers to only accept TLS connections (the POODLE fix), I found that all my scripts that use Net::LDAPS were throwing a protocol error. The punch line is that there isn’t anything wrong with Net::LDAPS or the recent fixes for POODLE. Analysis follows.

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Composer for php dependency management

Composer is a dependency manager for php that is very similar in operation to npm for nodejs. It can be a welcome alternative to pear and pecl if properly implemented. Any sysadmin or developer who works with php apps would do well to get familiar with it.

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The home page for Laracasts bears the tag line, “It’s Like Netflix for Developers”. And so it is. Sort of.

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