Ten thousand lights

Photo (c) 2014 AFP, source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-29405889

Photo (c) 2014 AFP
Source: BBC Asia

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Rolling back a commit in git vs hg

Basically both require one command to reset the local tree, another to actually change the file(s) back.

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Two BSD projects at Casa Lembo

I’ve mentioned before that I’m in the process of installing a firewall/router for the house that will run FreeBSD-based pfSense. Now, after lots of thought, I’ve decided to do a total rework of the home file server using FreeBSD.

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Shellshock update

This post comes a bit late, long after Red Hat and the Fedora Project pushed a new update to close the gap in the original patch that went out Wednesday. If you haven’t already done a “yum update”, you’ll probably want to do that now. Related stuff below.

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