New home

In the process of moving all my posts here to a wiki on Github. Here’s the url:

I used the wp2md script to convert my posts from the WordPress XML export format to markdown. This was mostly successful, although like the conversions from Blogger to WordPress, WordPress to FlatPress and FlatPress back to WordPres that have been made over the 12 year history of this weblog, it was not perfect. Not by a long shot. The code snippets in many of the posts really got munged badly, so I’ll be concentrating on them first. What I’m also going to do is look into the most efficient way to build and index page and provide search against all 1,564 articles.

NOTE: I originally uploaded a mirror of this content on, but its lack of any kind of search facility made it less useful than it could be.

Moving soon, keep an eye out for more

The latest changes at, most importantly the loss of code formatting, have led me to conclude the time has come to move off this platform and find something new.

Right now I’m seriously considering just opening up a wiki on Bitbucket or Github and throwing lots of text into it. It will be up to my readers to find ways to search through it (at least until I’m able to point Google and Bing at it using some custom code). I may create a plain vanilla index page to list each article as it goes up.

Fortunately the flavors of markdown used by both Bitbucket and Github do a nice job of formatting code, although their syntax is different enough that I’ll have to choose between them.

An added advantage of going in this direction is that I’ll now be able to keep samples of complete scripts/programs on the same site that the articles appear.