Trying the new RESTful api for Openfire 3.10.0 Beta

A trio of scripts used to perform RESTful operations on a Openfire 3.10.0 (Beta) server.
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Allowing outbound static ports with pfsense

Someone here had to set up a VPN connection using Logmein Hamachi, but kept getting timed out due to the software switching to a relay server. Remedy follows.

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Network Tools by yougetsignal

Ever need to do some diagnostics on your own external network but didn’t have access to a host on the Internet? Yeah, me too. Well, think of Network Tools by yougetsignal as a set of utilities on an Internet server just waiting for you to aim and fire.

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Replacing bind with dnsmasq on the home network

BIND has been serving up internal address information on our home network for way over a decade now. That’s changing over the next couple of days. The whys and hows follow.

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