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When creating gpg keys the process can be accelerated somewhat by supplying some entropy the smart way: with the rngd tool.

Do this before running “gpg –gen-key”:

rngd -r /dev/urandom
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Home backup server back on CentOS 7, monsoon takes out our broadband

Been busy around here at Casa Lembo the last few weeks. The home backup server morphed from FreeBSD 10 to CentOS 7, and our broadband connection got “washed out” for a few days. All that and some thoughts on why I think the state of tech really sucks.

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With apologies to Larry Ellison

When I first learned about NSA’s massive surveillance effort as revealed by Edward Snowden, particularly the Internet data slurping XKEYSCORE program, I almost immediately thought, “Well I guess that’s another fortune Oracle made off my taxes!” Given the latest in-depth report that for the first time provides some technical details about XKEYSCORE, it seems I may owe Oracle an apology: if the latest materials released can be believed (that is, do not contain NSA misinformation planted in the event the program was blown), Oracle made nothing on the deal.

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Nginx as an OpenAM reverse proxy

OK, so here it is: my recipe for an nginx based reverse proxy to frontend OpenAM.

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