Here’s the latest edition to our networking infrastructure here at Casa Lembo: Mikrotik’s RB2011-1UiAS-2HnD-IN router/firewall/wireless access point.


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Two new security enhancing tools

Well, not exactly new to a lot of folks, just to me. The Disconnect Private Search and uBlock Origin are now the latest additions to my short list of must-have plugins for Firefox and Chrome.

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Fedora 22 avidemux-gtk broken

Needed to snip some videos so I installed avidemux-gtk. “Glade – cannot load glade file”. Yeah. Another Gnome app broken. Off to Bugzilla where I found a workaround.

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Notes on upgrading to Fedora 22

Upgraded the relevant machines to Fedora 22 tonight, in preparation for the release of 23. As in the past, the original plan was to jump a version and go from 21 to 22 and then 23 in one sitting. Caution got the better of me, and so here I am.

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