Tech Links Dump

Here’s my most often-used list of tech links:


U.S. CERT Vulnerability Notes
CERT for Sysadmins
NIST Computer Security Resource Center
NSA Security Configuration Guides
DISA IASE Security Checklists
Network Security Podcast
Network Security Blog
The Silver Bullet Security Podcast
Gary McGraw at Cigital
Emergent Chaos
ClamAv, open source antivirus
ClamWin, free antivirus for Windows
Spybot Search & Destroy on Parasites


LDAP RFC’s and Controls
Fedora Directory Project
phpLDAPAdmin LDAP Browser
LDAP v3 Result Codes
IETF LDAP Revision (v3) Working Group
RFC2251: LDAP Protocol v3
OpenLDAP Administrator’s Guide
Perl-LDAP Home Page
Perl-LDAP Google Group
Netscape LDAP SDK for C
Netscape Java SDK for LDAP
iPlanet 5.1 Directory Server Docs
Oracle by Example: Identity Management
Oracle Identity Management (OTN Site)
Oracle Identity Management Solutions
Oracle Identity Management Resource Library
Oracle Identity Management 10g Product Doc
LDAP Browser-Editor
Virtual Identity Dialog (Mark Wilcox’s Blog)
cn=Directory Manager Blog
Eldapo, a Directory Manager’s Blog
Robbie Allen’s Scripting Page
Symas Corp (Commercial OpenLDAP)
Clayton Donley’s Blog
Suretech Blog (open source solutions)
Dave Kearns’ Virtual Quill
IdM Journal (Dave Kearns)
Kim Cameron’s IdentityBlog
Matt Flynn’s Identity Management Blog


W3C HTML 4.01 Specs
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Dynamic Drive, DHTML Resources
Perl CPAN Archive
PHP: The Missing RPMS
PHP Manual
The Java Tutorial
Eclipse and Java Video Tutorials
MITOCW 6.092 Java Preparation
SourceForge Main Page
The PHP Scalability Myth
PHP Scales
On the Security of PHP, Part I
On the Security of PHP, Part II
PHP Security, Part I
PHP Security, Part II
PHP Security Consortium
Essential PHP Security Companion Site
PHP Security Wiki
Top 7 PHP Security Blunders
Recommended PHP Reading List
Making the Case for PHP at Yahoo
The J2EE Guy Still Doesn’t Get PHP
Digg PHP’s Scalability and Performance
Signs You’re A Crappy Programmer
Peterned, web markup, scripting, etc.
James Gosling’s Blog


Apache 2.0 Docs
MySQL Reference
CVS – Concurrent Versions System
OpenSSL Examples
OpenSSL Command Line Howto
Creating an Oracle 10g AS database manually
Oracle 10g AS Automatic Startup/Shutdown
Burleson Consulting Oracle Articles
Online Apps DBA
Oracle DBA Tips: Oracle 10g Release 1 on CentOS
Oracle FAQ Script and Code Exchange
An Introduction to DBD::Oracle


Linux Documentation Project
Fedora Project
CentOS Extras
Fresh RPMS
DAG RPM Package Repository
Red Hat Introduction to System Administration
Red Hat Knowledgebase
Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux
Sun Freeware
FreeBSD Handbook
Linux Kernel Archives
Serial ATA (SATA) on Linux
Online PDP-8 Home Page
Solaris 8 Packages by Install Type
Solaris 2.x FAQ
Gregory Gulik’s Quick Linux Tips
MJM Wired Resources
LUG Radio
LQ (Linux Questions) Radio


Unicode Code Charts
Country Codes
Language Codes
Character Sets, Code Pages, etc
World Clock
Category 5 Cabling Tutorial