my first pc – the kaypro 1


The Commodore 128 I got in 1985 doesn’t count, although it’s ability to “dual boot” into CP/M was the incentive to start looking for a “real computer”. By 1987 I had left my government job and was in private practice in New York, just starting work on my Master’s degree. There was an ad in Computer Shopper for this Kaypro 1, a CP/M “portable” that turned out to be the last produced by the company. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but it wasn’t much. All of my papers in grad school were written on that system, using a text editor called VDE and a typsetting program called TeX. In 1988 I wrote my one and only hardware driver on this machine, in Z-80 assembler, for an Ampro daisywheel printer.

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