Fedora 8 is here

Fedora 8 Banner Animation

Although the mirrors are no doubt bogged down at the moment, it’s nice that this latest update is now available. For a look at what’s new, see the Release Notes. I’ll probably wait for a couple of weeks before beginning to put together an upgrade plan.

One of the things I’ll be thinking about until then is whether to go back to CentOS 5, now that a Firewire-enabled centosplus kernel is available (lack of Firewire support was the main reason I switched from CentOS to Fedora).

When I’m ready, it will probably be a fresh install for the main workstation at home even if I stick with Fedora. I’ve got tons of 3rd part repository stuff on there and I wouldn’t want to waste time resolving the inevitable collisions between all those nonstandard libraries with whatever the Fedora guys have come up with.