Netscape Navigator is dead

Here’s the word straight from the horse’s mouth.

Netscape Navigator was the killer app of the Internet Age. More than any other factor, it is what allowed the World Wide Web to become the center of the information universe.


How such a valuable asset could have been so monumentally mismanaged by the pointy-haired bosses at Netscape, AOL, and finally Time-Warner, is just another one of those lessons that need to be added to every MBA curriculum in this country.

Rest in peace Netscape Navigator. We all pray you don’t get bought by CA.

P.S.: Some were positively unmoved when AOL bought Netscape in ‘99, having given up any hope that the company could ever rise from the depths to which it had sunk. Then we laughed when, in a characteristic flourish of hubris, Time-Warner “merged” with AOL in 2001. The execs, board and shareholders of Time-Warner laughed too, believing they’d just struck the deal of the century.

They aren’t laughing any more.