Webmin LDAP Server Module

I just installed the latest version of the Webmin web-based system administration tool and was pleasantly surprised to find they have finally implemented a working LDAP Server Module as a standard module for managing OpenLDAP servers.

Webmin LDAP Server Module

In addition to the expected controls for starting and stopping the server (which on my CentOS system leverages the already installed Sys V style init scripts), it also lets you make basic changes to slapd.conf and generate TLS certificates. Additionally, there are Schema, Access Control and DIT (Directory Information Tree) editors and a Database browser. While the interface of the last is not quite as polished and full featured as available with phpldapadmin it is particularly handy for doing things like quickly creating or renaming objects. Any experienced LDAP administrator should not only find it easy to use, but may wind up preferring it for it’s simplicity.

As a standard webmin module, LDAP Server can be installed over the web using the Webmin Modules tool in the Webmin Configuration group.