My Zire 31

I finally broke down and got myself a PDA. A refurbished Palm Zire 31 to be exact.

Palm Zire 31

The main things I need from this device are the Calendar and mp3 audio playback capabilities.

Since things have gotten busier at work, keeping my schedule close at hand has become as essential. The latest Palm Desktop for Windows from Palm itself lets you seamlessly sync with Microsoft Outlook — which, unfortunately, is my company standard. Using open source jPilot I can also create contacts and install software as on Windows, although the version I’m running on CentOS won’t let me install anything to the SD card.

Now that my doctor has imposed a 1 hour a day exercise requirement on me, having portable audio to kill the boredom in long walks around the lot at work has suddenly become important. For that I’ve opted to use the latest Real Player for Palm that Palm used to license for the Zire. While sound quality of mp3’s with a good pair of headphones is terrific, the 200 MHz ARM processor and little 160×160×16 2004-era LCD screen make video and even photos not much to look at.