A little merger

After maintaining 3 separate blogs for a few years, first over at Blogger, and now here on my own hosted site, I decided it was time for some consolidation. The result is that my general technical blog, which used to be called onemoretech.lembobrothers.com has been merged into this blog — originally confined to LDAP-related matters. While I’ve still got to iron out some issues in the Categories indexes and undesired reformatting of some imported pages (no doubt intended to be “helpful”), by and large the process was pretty painless. All I did was use WordPress’s built-in Export function to save out a specially formatted xml file and then import that into this blog using the corresponding Import function. To make things simple I also tarred up the uploads directory from onemoretech and then extracted the contents into the uploads directory for eldapo. That brought over all the images the posts from onemoretech linked to. Finally, I did a search for all occurrences of the onemoretech URL in all posts, and replaced them with the eldapo URL, using the following SQL:

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content =
'eldapo.lembobrothers.com', );

through my providers’ phpMyAdmin interface.

As I said, there’s still lots of cleanup to do with regard to Categories. Hopefully I’ll find some super-efficient way to fix those as well.