DBD::Oracle on Ubuntu

Some time ago I wrote an article about building DBD::Oracle when my reference platform was still Red Hat Enterprise/CentOS.

Given my switch to Ubuntu, it was time to try it out on that distribution. My first efforts were on 8.04 LTS for x86_64.

Just this morning I tried following those instructions with the latest version of DBD::Oracle from CPAN. The make for version 1.22 failed on a perl -MCPAN, so I tried downloading the bits and got similar results. At first I thought the problem was that I’d mistakenly installed the 32-bit version of instantclient (v10.2.0.3) on my 64-bit Hardy Heron build. But after replacing that with the 64-bin version and re ldconfigging, I continued to fail the make.

Finally, I went up and downloaded the tarball for the last version of the module I’d installed on my Red Hat systems, 1.20. Afer running ldconfig again and resetting my environment the make proceeded without error.

Still not sure what the issue is with the latest version of DBD::Oracle. Will need to do some research. For now, I’ll stick to the older version until I find the cause.


On a later install to my Ubuntu 8.10 x64_64 work desktop, I was able to install v1.21 of DBD::Oracle.

The architecture of the instantclient version you’re using must match the arch of the perl you’re building against. If perl is 32-bit, you need to use the 32-bit version of instantclient, if 64-bit perl then 64-bit instantclient. In fact most distros (including Solaris) ship with 32-bit, not 64-bit perl, so don’t assume anything. A “perl -v” will tell you that (for 32-bit Linux you’ll see something like “build for i386-linux-thread-multi).