Upgrading to Oracle Database

Just started setting up a new test instance of the latest Oracle Identity Manager (version This requires Oracle Database 10g version on any platform.

Since the distribution images from Oracle still ship with, that means I’ve got to install the latest mega-patchset: which happens to be 6810189. This is a nearly 1 Gb file when compressed. Before unzipping I installed a fresh copy of on a fully updated CentOS 4.7 virtual machine following this “old” procedure.

The only surprise I had during the initial install was an error message to the effect that the installer couldn’t find libaio. I did a “yum install” and pulled that down (this VM had been used to host 10g previously, so it should have already had all the prereq software on it). After installing the library, it continued to bark at me about the version on the machine (which was newer than what the installer was looking for), so I just did a user verify and had it continue.

After installing the database I shut it down (along with emctl, isqlplusctl and lsnrctl) and then turned to the patchset. After unzipping it, I ran the installer and responded to the usual prompt to run root.sh in order to reset permissions on the installation. Once the installer was done I restarted lsnrctl.

The final task is to run the dbua (DataBase Upgrade Assistant) to complete the upgrade. This runs for a long time, but saves a lot of easy to miss steps that would be required for a manual upgrade. Which makes it worth every minute.