IBM (Lenovo) 4965 Wireless for CentOS 5.3

First a confession. When I re-imaged my work laptop (a Lenovo Thinkpad T61) with CentOS 5.3 this morning, I completely drew a blank on how to get the built-in IBM 4965 a/b/g wireless card up and running. In the back of my mind I had some dark memories of compiling Atheros card drivers and ndiswrapper from scratch.

Thanks to the internets, I was able to find this post, that reminded me of what needed to be done.

Basically all I did was configure yum to go out and fetch from rpmforge, the repo that contains Dag Wieers’s excellent Red Hat Enterprise packages, and then just issued a

yum install iwl4965-firmware

and then made sure that the NetworkManager service was set up to start on boot (chkconfig NetworkManager on).

Once I verified that I could get a wireless connection, I went ahead and made the change described in this article to keep the gnome keyring from popping a password box every time I logged in.