WinSCP gui scp and sftp client for Windows

Another handy utility for those bulk file transfer jobs you need to make to/from UNIX boxes while on a Windows machine. This comes in especially handy on a Linux/UNIX-unfriendly VPN that forces you into the inefficient world of Microsoft computing.

WinSCP is a free, open source, full-featured scp/sftp client for Windows that’s based on the code for the ever-popular PuTTY. So far it seems solid and dependable enough for everyday use. A nice feature is the choice of a Norton Commander or Windows Explorer style interface.
Bet you can’t be which one this old veteran of the DOS wars (yes, before the browser wars came the DOS wars) prefers.

WinSCP has an internal scripting engine, is script-friendly (it can be invoked from a script) and has additional goodies like a built-in text editor for modifying files before or after transfer.