Digital Video tools for Linux and Windows

This post is about a few software packages that have made capturing and editing digital video a lot simpler and easier for me.

For capturing from a dv camera on Linux, open source dvgrab is my favorite. It’s available as a separate package for most Linux distros, and also as one of several CLI tools that come with the kino non-linear video editor. I did a post some time ago showing how it’s used.

On Windows, after playing around with the Windows Movie Maker, I discovered WinDV, which is a kind of Windows gui version of dvgrab. A tutorial on using it can be found here.

Happily, video editing can be done on both Linux and Windows with the same application: avidemux. This little program is pretty intuitive and lets you do basic editing of most kinds of video files. It can also be used to convert video from one format to another (e.g. avi to mp4 video with aac audio). There’s a documentation wiki that provides lots of good information on how to use it.