Found this great site with a wide variety of desktop backgrounds for any computer, called Natures Desktop by Dave Massey, who lives in Nottingham, England.

Some really great stuff. Landscapes, lakes, streams, waterfalls, clouds, sunsets and man-made scenes. It looks like nearly all of them are from spots all over the U.K.

They come in a variety of sizes, for both square and wide screen. Even a 320×480 size for phones. There’s an option to purchase licenses to download full size (3500×2330) images that can be used for photographic prints.


I used to scoff at desktop backgrounds, theme-packs and the like. Didn’t really “get” what value something like a beautiful landscape added to anyone’s “computing experience.

I was an oaf. Now that I’ve lived in cubicle-land for over a decade I’m beginning to appreciate what a little personalization of my workspace can do for morale.