389 Directory Admin Console Annoyance

Keep getting this very annoying message when navigating the 389 Directory gui admin console after the latest update:

“The user cn=directory manager does not have permission to perform this operation.”

This happens on the first tab you select after logging into a directory instance. If I click OK and then re-enter Directory Manager’s password (or just click Cancel), I seem to get past it and go on my merry way.

Nothing on the lists other than this thread, in which it seems people couldn’t get past the error at all. I took a cue from that thread anyway and removed selinux-policy-targeted anyway, since I currently have SELinux disabled.

There are some days that I think going completely command line with 389 Directory, like I have with (O)DSEE, would make life much happier.

P.S. Regarding SELinux, here is a terrific overview that appeared in Red Hat Magazine. I really miss Red Hat Magazine.

Some other nice resources out there:

Fedora 13 SELinux FAQ
Taking Advantage of SELinux in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Although I’m not exactly an SELinux fanboy, it’s definitely one of those things that every sysadmin should be able to manage, just as they should BIND and sendmail.