A boot too slow

One of the great annoyances in life is the length of time it takes for my employer-supplied Windows laptop to boot up and actually be ready for work.

Long after I’ve logged in and been doing useful things with the Linux machine on my desk, my laptop is still spawning icons to the tray. The system laughs at me if I try to do something important like fire up my company-mandated Microsoft Outlook client or any of the other software that’s been piled onto its hard drive. All this means is that I generally have about 15 minutes to go through the 900 e-mails that come into my Exchange inbox before the day really gets going. Of course one could say in Microsoft’s defense that they didn’t make most of the vampireware that gets loaded onto the typical corporate machine. But they did create the horribly inefficient software ecosystem that those products grew up in, and the “push button” over-simplification of desktop systems administration that perpetuates it.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my daily check-in with the team and have only read through 3 overnight e-mails.

Thanks, Steve Ballmer.