Novell is done

As reported by The Register, in an article entitled “Farewell, Novell“:

The sale of former local-area networking powerhouse Novell to Attachmate has been completed.

The price was $2.2 billion. As El Reg points out with its usual flair:

The $2.2bn sale was first announced in November, and it ends the independent life of a once-dominant network operating system vendor. In later years, its original market snuffed out by Microsoft, the company had become the home of the SUSE Linux distribution, only to find its new market overtaken by the likes of Ubuntu.

The portfolio of over 800 software patents still needs to be sold to a consortium of Novell’s former rivals and hangers-on that includes Oracle, Microsoft, EMC and Apple. Recently the terms of that deal were changed to address the concerns of outside parties like the Open Source Initiative. One of the new terms subjects the patents to the open source GPLv2 and OIN (Open Invention Network) licenses.

Of course, none of this changes my eternal hatred of Eric Schmidt: whose rank mismanagement of the company caused Novell’s stock to tank when I still owned it.