LDAP Client Utilities for Windows

After Googling around a bit, I found a new place to get the latest free OpenLDAP client utilities for Windows:

Userbooster OpenLDAP for Windows.

This package is installed using an .msi that loads all the required prerequisites (e.g. Visual C++ Redistributable).

Of course, being an Windows installer the default is to install everything. For my machine specified that the OpenLDAP Server components not be installed (click the on the OpenLDAP Server object and select “This feature will not be installed). I changed the install path to c:appsOpenLDAP (never was a big fan of “Program Files”, which I always considered an entire gratuitous use of long file naming for its own sake). The utilities were then copied to c:appsOpenLDAPClientTools, which I added to my %PATH% (the installer should automatically append the required “c:appsOpenLDAPkfwBinary” to %PATH%) .