What am I called? Finding your OID load balanced url

Came upon an Oracle 10g AS environment today that I didn’t have any real details on and decided to try footprinting it.

All I knew was a load-balanced “external” url for the Oracle SSO (SSO) server. A quick call to my network security guys got me the actual hosts that the load balancer was pointed at. I guessed correctly that these were really VMware guests and in a few seconds I was on the console of one via the VSphere Client.

As it turns out one of the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) nodes was co-located on the same machine, so I dialed it up with Apache Directory Studio (ADS) to take a look at the directory tree. Going in under “cn=IAS Instances, cn=IAS, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext”, I was able to find all the infrastructure hosts associated with the environment. All the database info I needed was found under “cn=IAS Infrastructure Databases, cn=IAS…”.

One thing I really wanted to know was the load-balanced url for OID itself. While that can be found in many places, I went right to the SSO server file system.

The load-balanced OID url would be found as the value for OIDhost in $OH/config/ias.properties.

The load-balanced SSO url would be found as the value for login_url_host in $OH/sso/conf/ssoem.properties (the load balanced url for SSO can also be found in OID at “cn=Operational URLs, cn=DAS, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext” as the value for orcldasurlbase).