The website was down!

You may have noticed that was down the last couple of days.

You may have also noticed that this site is now running on WordPress again.

If you’re guessing the two are related, you’d be right.

Basically what happened is that the index.php in the former flatpress version of this site spiked CPU on the server hosting the site and the administrators were forced to disable it (the eldapo site) to prevent a denial of service to the other customers who share the same server. Given the number of php errors in the logs, I’m assuming that the problem was due to a bug in flatpress and therefore undertook to move everything onto WordPress in order to get service restored.

My thanks to the BlueHost team for their help in making things right again.

Moving back from flatpress to WordPress turned out to be a fairly painless, if a bit convoluted, process that I think I’ve covered elsewhere in the past.

Now that the site is substantially back up I need to focus on seeing what’s to be done about all my permalinks and categories. They’re the main thing that got lost in the transition. For now anyone looking for content should use the built in search function on the front page.