East Coast Earthquake

A 5.9 (estimated) magnitude earthquake just rattled the U.S. Eastern seaboard from Raleigh to Rhode Island. Of course I didn’t feel anything here in the office, but reports from home (about 10 miles away)and friends in New York and West Virginia confirm this one was hard to miss. Link to latest USGS map after the jump.

Here’s the USGS map, data is behind the tabs.

USGS Community Internet Intensity Map M5.9 Virginia 2011/08/23
Thanks to Greg C. for the link and turning me on to the parent USGS Earthquake Hazards Program site.

Best quote of the day so far from the above-cited N&O article:

For Brett Wujek’s children, the brief earthquake was a wish come true.

“Ironically, just last night I was reading a book about earthquakes to my kids, and they asked if we could have one here,” Wujek, a Cary resident, said by email. “I told them it was possible but very unlikely. I think I lost some credibility when we all felt the house shaking for about 15 seconds today.”

Those of us here in North Carolina have a whole lot more apocalyptic fun to look forward to with the anticipated arrival of hurricane Irene this weekend. Boy I picked a bad time to take a few vacation days off!