special note to my readers: theming

Since returning to WordPress for this blog I’ve probably gone a little nuts with the whole re-theming thing.

For that I apologize. Still, please be warned, in the coming weeks the theme used for this site will probably change again. Things could get ugly. At least once. Maybe more. I’m looking for something that will not only look decent, but also that will do a good job presenting all the code snippets found here.

Postscript: Depending on the particular day you’re reading this the site may be using the extremely ugly but utilitarian Sandbox theme. Although I’m liking it “out of the box”, it’s really intended as a foundation for css artists and other web development types for the building of more aesthetically pleasing themes. Here are some posts about manipulating Sandbox:

How I customized the Sandbox theme

Three columns for Sandbox 1.6.2 theme

Customizing Sidebars