Adblock Plus

It took awhile, but the Adblock Plus extension for Firefox is now installed on all my machines.

My early resistance to deploying Adblock was probably more due to sentimentality (my longing for the simpler times of the early World Wide Web when all you needed to do web design was study John Christmas’s book) than any legitimate questions about the effectiveness of the product or its possible interference with browsing certain content.

But after having my browser lock up and crash while trying to visit certain advertisement infested sites, it became clear I had little choice. A software arms race it was.

It is still too early for me to tell if Adblock will create problems in my daily work (that constantly takes me to the web sites of my own company), although it may have one benefit: giving me a view into the experience of most other people who have been running this software. For now I’m going to stick with the default settings and see how far they take me. At some point in the future I’ll dive into the documentation to master the nuances (Adblock is driven by regular expressions, and as anyone who reads this blog regularly knows — regular expressions are my “thing”).