Minecraft on the Kindle Fire

Just jotting this down because I’ve already got a Minecrafter in the house and am about to let him unwrap our new Kindle Fire (still a secret, so please don’t tell before Christmas!).

Minecraft, of course, is the wildly popular game that has utterly consumed application developers and kids the world over.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is rumored to run on the Kindle Fire.

Here are some instructions on reddit.

On Pocket Edition as an product in its own right, here’s something from a review over on phonearena:

We fully understand that Minecraft is like digital crack, and we are essentially making ourselves enablers by putting out this article telling you all that Minecraft Pocket Edition will soon be available on all Android devices. Recently, we saw some admittedly ridiculous and probably crazy numbers which averaged the amount of productivity hours lost to Angry Birds, but when talking about Minecraft, we have to begin talking about lives lost and unemployment skyrocketing.