RHEL 6 Family Server

Found this post during a search for ideas on how to finally set up a real media server for the house.

Although it’s in the form of a set of notes, the article is actually well thought out, well organized and quite thorough. More thorough than pieces I’ve seen in actual print magazines, in fact.

My own requirements for a media server are slanted towards something that can stream video to my media clients (set top boxes) from Internet sites. I’m not as interested in recording or archiving content, particularly given what would probably be the significant storage capacity needed to support even a modest video library.

The software the article covers include MythTV, MythWeb, BackupPC, VirtulBox and RealCrypt. The base O/S is RHEL 6 (actually Scientific Linux, the RHEL clone that I converted over to from CentOS late last year).

One of the interesting choices made by the author was to use packages from the ATRPMS repository. That’s something I’d approach with care, since my experience has been that, outside of EPEL, third party repositories often introduce conflicting dependencies that can come back to bite you later. This is something that all of the major repos like ATRPMS have been working hard to avoid, so it may be that it won’t be as much of an issue when I get down to building.

All in all, the article has got me itching to dive in and get started. I’ll post my experiences as things progress.