OpenAM Apache Web Agent for RHEL 5

The newer (v3.0.4 and later) OpenAM web agents for Apache 2.2 don’t work with RHEL 5, but earlier ones (v3.0.3) do. Links after the jump.

The newer Apache 2.2 web agents (v3.0.4, 3.0.5) are compiled with apr (Apache Runtime) v1.3x. This is good if you’re deploying on RHEL 6, which ships with apr v1.39, but not so good if the target is RHEL 5. That’s because RHEL 5 ships with apr v1.27. There are some very good reasons the OpenAM developers went to the newer apr (see the release notes), but this still creates a dependency issue for those of us who in some cases have no choice but to deploy on RHEL 5.

As it turns out legacy versions (v3.0.3) of OpenAM’s web agents that were compiled with apr 1.27, are still available, although they’re not supported or linked on the site.

Here are links for those legacy versions (many thanks to the OpenAM development team for these):