mp3info2 examples

Among all the multimedia related utilities out there, mp3info2 has become one of my favorites. Some examples of what you can do with it follow.

First, the basic syntax:

mp3info2 [options] [file]

The options, defined:

-t Title
-a Artist
-l Album
-y Year
-g Genre
-c Comment
-n Track number
-u Update


mp3info2 -t "My first podcast" -a "Eldapo" -l "My Casts" 
-y 2012 -g "Tech" -c "A tech pod" -n 1 -u mypodcast.mp3

This utility comes in handy both in setting up tags from scratch on an mp3 file that never had them, as well as in fixing existing tags so they are more easily searched (and found!). I come across a lot of files that have been either not tagged at all, or haphazardly so. The first category are a problem because media server software like mediatomb will refuse to play entirely untagged files. The second just creates an unmanageable mess. A big advantage that mp3info2 has over other programs, especially Windows-only gui apps, is that it is easily integrated into a script for performing bulk updates on many media files at a time. As my media library grows in size that has become a very important feature indeed.