Quick orasso audit log report on an account

Had to do a couple of reports from orasso.wwsso_audit_log_table$ the other day and decided to record the syntax here for posterity.

[me@test tmp]$ sqlplus ORASSO/12345@infra

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Fri Apr 20 11:01:09 2012

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Connected to:

* * *

SQL> spool report.html;

SQL> set markup html on;

  2  to_char(LOG_DATE,'yyyy.mm.dd hh24:mi:ss')
  4  where USER_NAME = 'L123456'; 

This makes for a simple 4 column report giving the user’s ID, the action taken (usually “LOGIN”), the message returned (like “Login Failed” or “Login Unsuccessful”) and the date and time, down to the second, of the event.

If your network topography allows you to see the real IP address of incoming clients you could also add “IP_ADDRESS” for that data element.