Really good comment over on The Register by someone calling themselves “TeeCee”.

This appears in the comments to Cisco complains to the Eu about Microsoft/Skype deal:

Why does anyone use it?

Easy one, it’s sheepsourced in the same way as Faceb0rk, Tw@tter, et. al.

Person A wants to talk to person B. Person B already has Skhype, so person A gets it too. Baaa. When person C wants to talk to A and/or B, getting Skype is the easy answer. Baaaaaaa. Then D, E, F and G get involved. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Eventually you get to a critical mass where even the sensible people who know they’re doing the wrong thing get Skype, purely ‘cos everyone else has it. If you are techinally competant, installing Skype is a lot simpler than convincing the Skypesheep to migrate to SIP. Incidently, this is why the much promised Skype-to-SIP / SIP-to-Skype service will never appear in the core product. It can only grow while it’s closed, forcing anyone who wants to join in to take their solution.

M$ bought ’em for a very obvious reason. Skype is the only candidate we’ve ever had for a Global telco monopoly and it’s the people who are going to f***ing give the monopoly to them…….

(emphasis added)

Undeniably brilliant, frighteningly wise.