In the cloud, no one can hear you scream

The metaphor is so powerful it can bring grown men to tears. At least that’s what happens when I start laughing really hard.

In his In the Cloud, No One Can Hear You Scream, Mark Morford goes off on all things “cloud” and in the process succeeds in saying what so many of us have felt for so long.

My favorite bit, from the very end of the piece:

For does not all this cloud talk sound vaguely familiar? Does it not all point to ideas surrounding, say, impossibly perfect sci-fi utopias, Popular Mechanics magazine covers, geek psychobabble, all the way up to the grand dystopian idea known as the Singularity, that twinkling, apocalyptic moment when our top futurists say artificial intelligence will finally surpass human brainpower, humanity will eat itself alive and the world becomes one giant iPad 1,000? Of course it does.

My own “In enterprise IT, no one can hear you scream” (found in [Redacted], Windows and SP3) pales by comparison to Mark’s rant. Wish I could write like that.