For defendant, on all patent claims

Jury verdict yesterday in Oracle v. Google went against Oracle on all patent claims. As Mark Webbink puts in today on Groklaw, “Now Back to the Copyright Question and How Oracle Fragments Java”.

The result on the patent claims shouldn’t really be a surprise, although for those of us who have actually tried jury cases it is always best not to take anything for granted. Ever. That’s why most cases settle either before a jury is empaneled or sometime before the defense puts on its case.

Lots of good lawyerly analysis on the Grok, both in the main articles and comments, as usual.

The final briefs of the parties on the copyright issue are reproduced in full here. As in most intellectual property cases, counsel pay close attention to the specific facts and so the arguments should be comprehensible to technical (as in Java developer technical) folks. As someone pointed out to me the judge in this case has been right on top of the technical facts all along, and that has made a critical difference.

The court’s written decision is going to be landmark.