No surprises

In the case of Oracle “USA” vs. Google: Google (and at least this time, the rest of us) wins, pretty much. The whole truth up on Groklaw. Let’s play a game, shall we? See below.

I think the best way to make what happened in court today clear to even non-lawyers, maybe especially non-lawyers, is to reveal substantially more detail that you’re likely to see in press accounts.

First a bit of “courtroom drama”, taken from Groklaw’s reporting on the reactions of counsel for Oracle and Google (in that order) when the clerk handed them court’s judgement:

Oracle v. Google Hearing 2012-06-20

10:55 clerk comes in and hands out the draft order. Jacobs looks at it, shakes his head, and says “Jesus” under his breath. Both parties looking intently over it. Google’s team sits down, Oracle’s still gathered, looking grim. Van Nest conferring with Christa Anderson and short-cropped young red-headed lawyer. Slight smile from Ms. Anderson.

And here’s the game: a simple “compare these two things and think about the differences between them” exercise.

Here is Oracle’s proposed order for final judgment submitted earlier to the court.

Here is the actual final judgment signed by Judge Alsup.