Gimme my metadata

The LDAP browser in Apache Directory Studio has this neat feature that allows you to see not only the basedn(s) listed in your LDAP directory root, but also any additional suffixes (like “cn=config”) that contain directory metadata. A step-by-step guide to turning this feature on follows.

This feature is actually very useful on directory products that store some of their configuration in places like “cn=config”, “cn=schema”, etc. In fact both of the products (ForgeRock’s OpenDJ and Oracle’s OID) I spend a lot of time in make significant use of such suffixes.

Here’s what the base dn plus metadata suffixes look like in my home OpenDJ directory (the metadata entries are highlighted in grey):

I actually had this enabled on one of the many copies of Apache Directory Studio running on my computers, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get it working on the others.

The online and downloadable manuals weren’t very helpful:

To make RootDSE and Schema entry visible in the Browser view enable Show Directory Metadata in the Browser’s drop down menu.

What drop down menu? No picture accompanied the text, and I couldn’t find one anywhere else.

After yet another late night I am happy to report I found it.

Here is where you click to get the drop down menu (highlighted in cyan):

And here is the aforementioned drop down menu, in well… its dropped position (note that the “Show Directory Metadata” option has been selected):

So there you go, some actual, professionally prepared, documentation.