webmin, sms and gophone

The System and Server Status module in webmin lets you set up monitors to send an alert to your cell phone when a target goes down. Turns out at least one legacy AT&T wireless SMS gateway isn’t included in the config.

If you set up an alert to go out over SMS in webmin you’ll find that the config for AT&T will use the newer txt.att.net and not the older mms.att.net domain it seems is now being assigned to new no-contract GoPhone accounts (the txt.att.net domain continues to serve AT&T contract accounts).

To accommodate some AT&T GoPhone wielding sysadmins whose gateway is mms.att.net I edited the status-lib.pl file in our standard rpm based webmin install, which is found under /usr/libexec/webmin/status to replace the domain value under “Cingular” with that value:

{ 'id' => 'oldcingular',
          'desc' => 'Cingular',
          'domain' => 'mms.att.net',
          'alpha' = 1 },

Note that the system ID for AT&T in webmin is ‘cingular’ because what we now know as AT&T wireless is actually the second coming of what was once called Cingular One, which is why the AT&T web site sports that ugly 70’s color pallette Cingular orange navigation ribbon across the top of each page (disclaimer here: I am myself a longtime and very satisfied AT&T wireless customer, in spite of the fact that I find their web site color scheme repulsive).