Install notes for xmind

Installed XMind on my Linux workstations today. Just a few notes on what I did.

Basically downloaded the “portable” edition, the one that’s pure java without an installer, and unzipped into a folder.

1. Copy the Commons and XMind_Linux_64bit to /opt/xmind.

2. Make a shell script, “xmind”, in that directory with the text:

cd /opt/xmind/XMind_Linux_64bit

Make script executable by all (chmod ugo+x xmind).

3. Link script to /usr/local/bin/xmind.

4. Copy XMind logo from website and convert .jpg to .png (I named it xmind_logo.png). Copy this to /usr/share/pixmaps.

5. Create xmind.desktop under /usr/share/applications:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Map your mind!

Note that all configuration and data files will be created under /opt/xmind/XMind_Linux_64bit, so make sure this directory is read/write for any user (or user group) you want to run it.

When time permits I’ll try to figure out how to get the configs and data into my home directory — but for now this will have to do.