The Vacuum Tube Supercomputing Center is a truly amazing, wondrous place unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. Unless you’ve been to that link, in which you already get it.

From the “Virtual Tour”:

VTSC’s many satisfied customers include the weather office, which originally needed to run a massive model of our state’s entire atmosphere to see if we were accelerating global warming. They were happy with the speed and reliability with which their jobs executed, even though they weren’t as thrilled with the effect of some of this extended number-crunching on the weather. You will be happy too. Have your IT department get in touch with us, and soon, between El NiƱos, you too will be singing the praises of empty-state supercomputing.

As someone whose first encounter with the U.S. 2nd Class Radiotelephone Operator’s Exam was at a time when most of the questions were still heavily weighted towards vaccum tube technology, this “what if” scenario rang scary true.