Network upgrades

Don’t get me wrong. I really do like getting 30 mb/s down, 5 mb/s up on my upgraded cable Internet connection. But I’m still waiting to get digital phone service restored. Thank heaven for Google Voice!

First, here’s the proof that TWC’s Extreme service is that fast:

Took a little doing to get there, of course. Had to wait on hold for a few hours and tell my story to a couple of different techs. The hardest part was getting everything, including the modem, to use standard name servers for in my part of the country

The name servers originally fed from the network were in the 24. range, but redirected to a “you are not provisioned” page. I knew it was name resolution because I could connect using a few IP addresses I knew (you don’t work in this business full time for almost 20 years without keeping a few of those in your head).

Shut down named on both servers and then reordered my /etc/resolv.conf so the 209. servers were up top. Might have rebooted the router in there someplace. Can’t recall (it’s been a long night). Once I was able to get out to sites on the Internet again I switched resolv.conf back so my home name servers were up top and restarted named.

Only gotcha was that I had to retire my trusty Rosewill Wireless AP Router/Switch. That was inevitable anyway, the Rosewill doesn’t do IPv6. Still haven’t had a chance to see if I can salvage the bridge downstairs. Right now it’s off line, but I’m hoping I can get it connected with WPS.

Unfortunately the digital phone service still isn’t working, so I’m on hold now listening to support’s background music. Of course I’m doing that on my Google Voice number, having got the Obi 110 back up and running as my second line. Some might ask why bother with TWC for the phone if I’ve got the Obi. With the additional bandwidth I could connect up with something like CallCentric (I set up a test account with them awhile back). Only problem is that we’re not quite ready to transition to a new phone number, so it looks like I’m going to have a long night.

Postscript: Finally got the distinct “phone department” over at TWC and, of course, they have to send a tech out. That’s how old-style voice services roll. In the meantime I’ve switched the home phone wiring over to the Obi and connected the TWC modem to line 2 on my desk phone. As a result the family gets a baptism of fire in VOIP today. We’ll see how they like it. Nothing like a surprise User Acceptance Test! Could be that TWC just lost another $50 per month of our business (which is about what the digital phone service winds up costing after taxes, etc).