GPU comparisons

This can’t possibly be work related, can it? Stumbled on an interesting site, Hardware Compare. It’s primarily focused on GPU comparisons, which makes it very helpful for me right now.

In the war to keep hardware upgrade costs to a minimum information is your best friend. Sites like Tom’s Hardware and Anand Tech were always useful for that — and still are, although Tom’s has become considerably more advert-intensive of late.

To that short list of sites I now have to add Hardware Compare for display card research.

Like this report comparing a GeForce 9500GT with a Radeon HD 6670.

Although all the results are based on comparing manufacturer’s specs, and therefore “theoretical”, just having that analysis on hand can help narrow the field when you’re looking for a new display card. With a number of PC’s at home whose power supplies are all around 300W the energy consumption numbers alone are a real benefit. One thing that really stood out was how much less energy AMD’s Radeon cards used on average as compared to nVidia’s GeForce products. Of course there’s probably a lot of variation in actual performance, especially among each card’s OEM variants. But it’s a place to start.