Firefox 16.0.1 broke my vpn!

Well, it could have been Firefox 16.0.0 (that wasn’t around long enough — what was it, 15 minutes? — for me to find out).

In any case Firfox on Windows is no longer compatible with the commercial SSL VPN solution we use at work (my friends in networking still refuse to give me access to a Linux client), so it looks like I’m back to using Internet Explorer (v7 at this point — yeah, I’m told the new Windows 7 company laptop “is on the way”) for the only purpose that remains for it on my desktop. Thanks Firefox developers! The wisdom of the Red Hat Enterprise team in freezing at Firefox 10 is now apparent to me: good work guys (If it makes anyone feel any better, Chrome never worked).

Maybe it’s time to turn off automatic updates on Firefox the way we did those for Java (Oops! Did I just admit that? Well, the sheer uneventfulness of a controlled move to Java 1.7 was well worth it, believe me).

Just thinking about having to roll back a half dozen versions gives me a headache.

Did I forget to thank the Firefox developers?