tekkit server on el6

Most of the posts I’ve found on setting up and running Tekkit use Windows or Ubuntu, which is OK for the kiddies but just doesn’t cut it for those of us who are the adult supervision. Here are some notes on using RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) or one of its clones to get the job done.

My base system is an old Pentium D with 4 Gb (3.5G addressable) RAM that runs at about 1.8 GHz. Scientific Linux 6.3 is the O/S. Java is the latest openjdk 1.7 available upstream.

Created tekkit group and user, with home in /opt/tekkit:

useradd -c "Tekkit Server" -d /opt/tekkit tekkit

Downloaded Tekkit_Server_3.1.2.zip and unarchived in /opt/tekkit. Chowned as root to make sure system user owns it all:

chown -R tekkit:tekkit /opt/tekkit

Installed screen utility as root from main repo.

yum install screen

I usually remove launch.bat because its presence only confuses the uninitiated and annoys the veterans.

Set launch.sh to executable:

chmod ugo+x /opt/tekkit/launch.sh

Edit launch.sh to reset memory utilization to something a bit more miserly (1024m rather than 2G).

Start up the server as the tekkit user with screen:


Do a “Cntrl-A-D” to get out of the virtual screen. You can now cut out of any ssh session you might be in. If you want to get back to the console, reconnect and then to a “screen -r” to reattach.

To shut down tekkit reconnect and issue a “stop” at the prompt.

Documentation for tekkit is abysmal1. Enter help at the prompt to get information on other commands.

1I have vowed to write a serious book on Minecraft/Tekkit system administration at some point. Hopefully within the next decade.