Tekkit Lite on el6

Just put up Tekkit Lite Server on the old desktop that’s been acting as our Tekkit server for some time now.

Followed the procedure I used in this post. Only difference was in the name of the download.

At the request of server management this was a clean install. None of the previous account or world data was carried over from the Tekkit Classic instance.

It remains to be seen if Tekkit Lite is really easier on system resources than the “Classic” version.

The machine it’s running on is a 2006 Dell Dimension E5150 that can only address around 3.47G RAM and is running an ancient Pentium D CPU. The CPU fan is running fairly loud right now. The “top” utility shows the Tekkit Lite process is using 1G of real memory with a 3.65G virtual image, and taking up to 40% of CPU at times (it’s averaging around 20 – 30% most of the time). But at least the system is only using about 60K of swap at this point.

For now my User Acceptance Testers (UAT’s) are having fun exploring the new world that got spawned when the server was fired up for the first time.