Classic Shell makes Windows 8 Bearable

Or so I am told. Classic Shell is a free (as in beer), open source product that will let you swap Windows 8 Metro for something a bit more familiar, productive, and most importantly, adult.

According to the FAQ, Classic Shell was originally created to preserve the sanity of those who had “upgraded” to Windows Vista. With the onset of Windows 8 and Metro it is now more in demand than ever. If you’re stuck on Windows 8 it might be worth taking a look at it. It’s released under the MIT license, but all the usual caveats regarding copyrighted artwork and text apply to any redistribution.

P.S. We’ve been trying Classic Shell on our Windows 7 PC’s at home with good results. I also installed it on my work laptop the other day. The only glitch I experienced was losing all the .pks in my PuTTY certificate store maintained by the pageant application. To restore I just repeated the steps described in PuTTY and passwordless ssh logins. Although I haven’t yet looked into the root cause, my guess is that Classic Shell changed the location (or link to a location) where those certs were stored under Windows 7.

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