SysVinit to systemctl cheat sheet

The SysVinit to Systemd Cheat sheet actually comes from our friends over at the Fedora Project as a way to ease transition from what was to what is in the world of controlling system services on Linux.

One thing that people need to keep in mind is that System V init scripts aren’t going away any time soon. For most 3rd party software they’ll remain de rigour until vendors have squeezed the very last ounce of profit from their existing offerings. In the case of open source projects the wait for systemctl versions of init scripts will probably be longer, just because. That’s not a real problem as long as administrators keep in mind that they actually should still run “chkconfig –list” to determine what legacy scripts may still need to be factored in.

Here’s the meat of the Fedora cheat sheet, with the httpd service substituted for the mythical “frobozz”:

Sysvinit Command Systemd Command Notes
service httpd start systemctl start httpd.service Used to start a service (not reboot persistent)
service httpd stop systemctl stop httpd.service Used to stop a service (not reboot persistent)
service httpd restart systemctl restart httpd.service Used to stop and then start a service
service httpd reload systemctl reload httpd.service When supported, reloads the config file without interrupting pending operations.
service httpd condrestart systemctl condrestart httpd.service Restarts if the service is already running.
service httpd status systemctl status httpd.service Tells whether a service is currently running.
ls /etc/rc.d/init.d/ systemctl list-unit-files –type=service (preferred)
ls /lib/systemd/system/*.service /etc/systemd/system/*.service
Used to list the services that can be started or stopped
Used to list all the services and other units
chkconfig httpd on systemctl enable httpd.service Turn the service on, for start at next boot, or other trigger.
chkconfig httpd off systemctl disable httpd.service Turn the service off for the next reboot, or any other trigger.
chkconfig httpd systemctl is-enabled httpd.service Used to check whether a service is configured to start or not in the current environment.
chkconfig –list systemctl list-unit-files –type=service(preferred)
ls /etc/systemd/system/*.wants/
Print a table of services that lists which runlevels each is configured on or off
chkconfig httpd –list ls /etc/systemd/system/*.wants/httpd.service Used to list what levels this service is configured on or off
chkconfig httpd –add systemctl daemon-reload Used when you create a new service file or modify any configuration
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