Mediatomb broken in fc17

And Fedora 18 as well. Specifically the latest package, mediatomb-0.12.1-23. Right now the only option for me was to downgrade to 0.12.1-21, which is just fine.

At home I like to keep my systems up to date with the latest packages, mostly for security reasons but also as a way to discover problems before they occur at work.

Mediatomb has been a good, solid performer for me over the years. I’ve installed this UPnP media server dozens of times over the years. Currently I have it running on a couple of Scientific Linux 6.3 and Fedora 17 x86_64 desktops, and an ARM powered NAS device.

A few days ago I let the system update mediatomb to this latest version on the strength of a security advisory. Would that I had seen this thread up on the Mediatomb Forums first. As it was I wasted a few hours this evening trying to figure out why the media player downstairs couldn’t play any media served up by the server.

Once I’d read the post I went out and downloaded the old 0.12.1-21 rpm from my favorite updates mirror, removed the new version and then installed the older one. To prevent Fedora from attempting to upgrade I added “exclude=mediatomb” to /etc/yum.conf on my machine.

Once the package was installed I restored the old configuration files (/etc/mediatomb.conf and /etc/mediatomb/config.xml) and everything was back to normal.

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