Family support with Team Viewer

Team Viewer is a desktop sharing application for Windows, Mac and Linux that is a good option for those who need to provide remote support to the nontechnical.

As an IT architect for a large multinational I don’t often get involved in remote controller individual user desktops. But as a tech professional with non-technical family providing remote support is an occasional requirement.

There are at least two products that can fill that need: LogMeIn and Team Viewer. Both offer free service for non-commercial use, support Windows and Mac, and have mobile apps. But only Team Viewer offers a Linux client. The latter isn’t that big a deal for me, although it’s nice to have. For reasons I’ve stated before (poor eye-finger coordination for one) being able to remote control from (or to) my mobile device isn’t a deal clincher either.

About the only thing to worry about is whether (or when) Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft or some other behemoth will buy the product and so begin its inevitable demise (although it has been encouraging to see signs of life re-emerging for Skype, and WebEx also seems to be much friendlier to us peons as well).

Cary Holzman has a great video tutorial on using Team Viewer here.

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