Openfire configuration dump

Openfire is an advanced XMPP server written in Java. It uses a MySQL database backend but can also be configured to use an LDAP server for its user accounts. Since its configuration is stored in MySQL, being able to get a text dump of it can be useful.

Log into the MySQL server as a user with at least read privileges on the database using the mysql client and use the “INTO OUTFILE” method to dump the config to text. The table containing the system configuration is named “ofProperty”. In the example below my Openfire server db is called “openfire” (very creative, eh?).

mysql> use openfire;
Database changed
mysql> SELECT * INTO OUTFILE "/tmp/of-cfg.txt"
    -> FROM ofProperty;

This will print the contents of the ofProperty table to a passably formatted text file.

Something nice to have when the auditors ask.

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