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Lately I’ve taken to using Bing for Internet searches. Ironically it was Google itself that opened a window of opportunity for Microsoft’s still fledging service.

So here’s what happened. At a certain point last month Google began blocking searches from one of my company’s outbound IP addresses. We don’t really know exactly why, because to date Google still hasn’t responded to our many complaints and inquiries about it.

Whoever runs Google search apparently doesn’t understand the extent to which it has become ingrained in commercial life. Or maybe they do and figure that losing a few tens of thousands of users won’t really impact their bottom line.

Whatever the machinations behind the scenes this state of affairs forced those of us who have to, er… actually work for a living, to find another way to do the kinds of searches that make it possible for us to get our jobs done.

Enter Bing.

Now I’d like to say here that Google searches are vastly superior to Microsoft’s, that I’ve found a perceptable difference in the quality and quantity of results returned for the kinds of searches I do.

But I can’t.

In fact Bing seems to do an awfully good job of getting me the results I need.

Sure it’s a bit glitzy, flashy, downright Wall-Mart consumer oriented. But it works from my desk at work.

Which is more than I can say for Google much of the time.

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