Displaying code in a wordpress.com blog

How my code gets rendered on these pages is important to me. With most of the over 1,000 posts here being code-rich, that has made the transition to wordpress.com particularly painful.

Those who have kept WordPress blogs on a paid hosting account generally have the freedom to install whatever themes and plugins they want, and to modify the shipping style sheets to get just the right look. I lost all that when I switched this blog over to wordpress.com, and now in addition to fixing image and page links I have to deal with a metric ton of code snippets whose default formatting leaves much to be desired.

The task is not impossible, of course. In fact wordpress.com does have a simple default code formatting directive that renders code quite nicely:

[code language=”perl”]
your code here

There are a variety of options available for this method that can be found in the support article Posting Source Code.

All I need to do now is figure out how to bulk change all my

<pre lang=”perl”>

tags to the new format and I’ll be in business.

Stay tuned for the eventual solution!

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