The blog formerly known as Eldapo

That’s right, we’ve actually landed here at After many years of running this and other blogs on a paid hosting account I decided it was time to crank things back a bit and relocate to some free space on a quality environment. Hence the move here.

The name change was actually a long time coming. Eldapo was originally one of two technical blogs I had up on Blogspot starting back in 2004. It focused on directory services while the other blog, established 3 years later and called onemoretech, was oriented towards general system administration topics. Now that a year has passed since I stopped doing identity management full time it seemed a good time to widen the focus here along the lines of my original system admin blog.

Because doesn’t provide shell or database admin access the only way to bring over the mass of existing posts was as a WordPress export. That went smoothly enough, but there are a lot of places, especially where images or hyperlinks within the old site are involved, that this broke down. Over the next few months I’ll be combing through the site in an effort to fix what I can using a full archive copy that I’ve tarred up and copied to my home server.

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My name is Phil Lembo. In my day job I’m an enterprise IT architect for a leading distribution and services company. The rest of my time I try to maintain a semi-normal family life in the suburbs of Raleigh, NC. E-mail me at philipATlembobrothersDOTcom. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own and not those of my employers, past, present or future (except where I quote others, who will need to accept responsibility for their own rants).